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Fellowship In Jesus the Anointed

Welcome to my Christian Fellowship Page!

Hello! I am mighty pleased to meet you by the marvelous means of the electronic media. Although we are separated by a distance I want to be your friend. I am smiling now because I am happy in Jesus, my savior and LORD.

I plan to use this page to give my testimony and relationship with Jesus and to add writings that I or others may write from time to time. If you want me to put writings of yours on my page please E-mail them to me. If they are the type that I feel would further the aims that I have for my page I will add them. I hope that this page will be a blessing to you and will always give all the glory to God.


My Christian Fellowship Home
My Testimony
Healing and Cleansing
by Danny Shumaker
What do You give He Who Has Everything?
by Kennon Smith
Generic Christians
by Monte Baugh
Other Things
Influences In My Life

Influences In My Life

Christian Rings and Other Things
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