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Some Other Ramblings

This is about The One who died for me and may anything I write bring honor and glory to His name. I was born without hope because I was born of earthly parents. In the book of Genesis in the Bible the text states that when God (the Eternal One) made man, he made him in "the likeness and image of God, himself." I believe that likeness to God was in a spiritual sense.

Now, I am a follower and student of Yesuah the Anointed One, otherwise known by us in the English language as Jesus the Christ. As a student and follower of His, I want to become more like him by studying Him and his teachings. I do not want this to be just an scholarly exercise but when I study I want the Holy Spirit to write these principles on my heart. Then when I follow Him I will not be following a law on a rule book (table of stone) but I will be following my own heart. Praise be to Him! My own heart will be like Him. That is my goal.

Doctrines and principles are fine as exercises but only that which gives glory to God and honors His name is worthwhile and these must soak into my inmost being to be of any good to me. When I am considering the world of scholarship, I must stop and ask myself the question, "Does this thing glorify my Maker and give Him honor?". I must also realize that this must not be done out of pride. Also, I must realize that those things which I "know" are subject to change. As I grow up toward Jesus who is the head, then I necessarily must change my way of thinking about many things.

To be continued.......

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