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Things That Have Influenced My Christian Life!

Well, I guess that I had better tell you some of my history and background, religiously speaking so that you will know where I am coming from. They you can couch what I say in the light of that and you may be able to understand me better. I hope we will get each other's meaning and be able to communicate.

Most of all, I have my parents to thank for my Christian background. I was brought up from an infant in the "Church of Christ". My parents never missed a service. My mother, Ethel Smith, would sit for hours at a time and read to my sister and myself from the scriptures. I came to feel that I knew all the characters personally, Noah, Moses, Abraham and Isaac etc..I also came to know all the popular bible stories by heart. Those hours spent sitting on the front porch with the sun setting or in the bedroom on a rainy day and listening to mother read from the King James bible are a very cherished memory of mine.

When I was thirteen years old I came forward on a Sunday morning to confess before men that I believed in Jesus and that hot July night I was baptized into Christ by Brother Eugene Brannon. He was preaching where we were members. I remember him as being quite long winded. :)

Well as time went on I thought about going to college. When I was a senior in Carroll High School I applied to David Lipscomb college and was approved. However, I decided that since I was going to major in Electrical Engineering a state university would be a better place. I wonder how my life would have turned out if I had gone to David Lipscomb but I will never know, only the Lord knows that. Well, I started to the University of Alabama and quit after one year and wound up at Auburn University where I finally received my BS degree. That was many years later. I have said this to say that at the University I got far away from God and for quite a while after that I was not living a life of following Jesus.

I have also met many individual Christians that have influenced my life. Perhaps this has been been the greatest single influence for me. One on one is very important is spreading the good news and helping people who have already heard the good news and are walking the path to grow and thrive in their walk. Just letting people that we meet in this life know that first of all I care and am willing to listen to your problems. Then that Jesus cares and that He sees and knows all about your every situation. It may not be good to start off "preaching" to them but in a loving and kind way let them know that you care about them and the things that are important to them. People have done that to me and I have been blessed by it.

To be continued.......

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