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Generic Christians

by Monte Baugh

A discussion group for Christians, saved by grace through faith and working through love. Did you know you can be a generic Christian? Generic foods and drugs have no brand name. Just as food and drugs are generic, a Christian can also choose to be generic (wearing no "brand name").

A Christian is a student of the man Jesus, the Christ and a believer in His death, burial and resurrection . A Christian is one who places a trusting faith in God and His Son, Jesus - a faith that Jesus' death has satisfied the penalty for our sins, giving us a hope of resurrection to eternal life. A Christian is one who acknowledges Jesus as Lord, allowing his/her faith to work in love, while growing in knowledge and understanding of Jesus and His grace.

All you have to do to be a generic Christian is to think of yourself as simply a Christian, a believer and student of Jesus' teachings. No longer use the names men have chosen to distinguish believers from other believers. If you are currently meeting with "brand name" Christians, continue to meet with them but recognize that you are one with all believers through Jesus our Saviour. "That the world might believe." Jn. 17:21

This is an electronically enabled fellowship of Christians! "Generic" runs as a listserver format mailing list. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at will from these web pages. The word generic is an adjective describing a Christian. It is not a proper name of anything (although we realize at some time it will probably be used in such a manner). The purpose of "Generic" is to encourage believers in Jesus Christ who are currently wearing a denominational name to regard themselves as a generic (no name) Christian. "Generic" is a discussion group centered around fulfilling Jesus' prayer in Jn 17 for the ultimate purpose "that the world might believe" vs.20-23. "Generic" is open to all believers in Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, Savior of men, Lord of lords and King of kings.

The views expressed here are those of their respective authors. Since, with all probability, differing views will be discussed, please be careful to communicate in a loving manner. We each are fellow believers. Give your fellow believer the benefit of the doubt if what is stated can be taken in more than one way. Seek clarification. Keep an open mind. Growth will come.

To subscribe to the generic mailing list send mail to generic at quango net. In the body of your message put "join generic" followed by your e-mail address. There is also a generic discussion list on PlanetAll. It is a good place to meet people in general. When you get to PlanetALl join. It is free to join. Then look for the group called "generic christians". Join that group and you are in. Hope to see you there.

Redistribution of the Generic mailing list without express permission is prohibited.

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