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About Myself

Hello ! And welcome to my new home. You are most welcome here. Browse around and get to know me and would like to hear from you if you care to send me mail. I plan to add some information about myself, my beliefs, and my hobbys and interests.

My name is Kennon Ari Smith and I live in the southern part of the state of Alabama. I am a retired electronics engineer. Durning my career I worked in aviation electronics. I was an rf and communications engineer. I am 57 years old and live here with my wife Judith and two cats, Charlie and Jakie.

My hobbies are: Amateur (Ham) Radio, Gardening, and Fishing.

Other interests are foreign languages, constructed languages, and meeting people with diverse interest and getting to know them.

As time permits I plan to add to the page and flesh it out a bit but for now it will have to remain under construction.

My Snazzy List of Links

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